Amelia Island, Florida

8 flagsAmelia Island was originally home to Native Americans until the early 18th century. The natives lived simply, able to gather most of their needs from the ocean.

Later the island was then claimed by as many as 8 different nations. Amelia Island residents are proud of their heritage and celebrate heir multi-cultral history with annual festivals and parades.

Today Amelia Island is a popular U.S. vacation destination. Here are a few of their popular festivals:

Finding Sharks Teeth on Amelia Island

fossilized sharks teethBeachcombing for sea relics and sharks teeth is a common activity for visitors to the beaches around Amelia Island. Shark teeth are pointy and black and are presumed to be millions of years old. The source of the teeth are from sands used to replenish the beaches. The sand was dredged from the St. Mary's River, exposing a 20 million year old geological deposit.

Shark teeth can be found all around Amelia’s beaches, dispersed by tides and currents. The best time to find shark teeth is around low tide and in the wet sand at the water’s edge.

If you strike out on locating your own relic from the sea, check out the historic downtown Centre Street shops, they are sure to have what you are looking for.

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Amelia Island in Florida.